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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Does a Travel Agent Do?
    A Travel Agent simplifies the trip planning processing for their clients (individuals, groups, corporations), arranges travel on their behalf, and ensures they experience the best trip possible.
  • What Kind of Travel Services Do You Provide?
    At Journeys by Jacqy, you can get assistance with planning all aspects of your travel such as: Vacation Packages Resorts Tours & Excursions Cruises Car Rentals Travel Insurance Disney Vacations Events such as Broadway, NFL games, and much more! I work with individuals, couples and large groups for events such as bithrdays, honeymoons and weddings.
  • What Qualifications Do You Hold?
    Major qualifications can be viewed in the Certificates Gallery.
  • Does it Cost More to Book Travel Through a Travel Agent?
    It will never cost you more to use Journeys by Jacqy to book your vacations. My goal is to always find you the best options for your needs. In most cases you will save money by booking your trip through Journeys by Jacqy, due to special partner relations that grant me access to travel portals that are not accessible by the general public.
  • Do You Offer Payment Plans?
    When you book your trip well in advance, a payment plan can be set up for you to make your trip more affordable. In most cases these payment plans have zero fees involved, no interest and no credit checks. Learn more about payment options in: "Easily Afford That Much Needed Vacation With a Travel Agent"
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